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CDK Global is dedicated to helping automotive dealers thrive in a world where customer needs, expectations and behaviors are constantly changing.

CDK Global is in business to:

  • Help you make money today by attracting more customers, reducing your inefficiencies, growing your bottom line and solving the pain points in each of your profit centers.
  • Make sure you remain relevant with tailored, innovative solutions designed to help you continue to play a central part in the sales process as customers shift their purchasing habits.
  • Provide Personalization with advertising that works with our website to deliver targeted messages — personalized experiences — that connect shoppers with your vehicles.
  • Develop and deliver simple, integrated solutions that drive customer satisfaction to improve dealer profitability and operational efficiency.

We’re CDK Global. We’re here to help you harness the power of your customer interactions and unleash your dealership­­ — so you can sell more cars, retain more customers and increase profits.

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